Tip of the Day __ Say I love you to your child when they wake up. Say it again at bedtime–and mean it! We all know we love our children, but sometimes we forget to say it. __ Our words are very important for their development and they need us to show them consistent affection. Take the time to say I love You today and just relax and feel that love flow through your heart and body. __ If you want to learn the best Positive Discipline Strategies for Toddlers, Preschoolers, School agers and Preteens (ie. Children from age 1 to 12), then you should sign up for the Live Webinar holding on the 2nd of February In shaa Allah. __ Of course we have a bundle too for parents whose kids cut across all age. __ Click the link in my bio or Go to to register for the webinar today.