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Sometimes it seems that the only way to get kids to listen is to shout. Learn to take the volume down -- and enjoy better behavior in the process. I learnt these tricks a few months ago and even though I still lose my cool sometimes, most times we are able to reach a reasonable arrangement. Toddlers always seem to want the things that they know they can't have: cookies for breakfast, cartoon at bedtime. Sigh 1. The Power Struggle If your daughter wants biscuits for breakfast and won't have anything else. Her thought process; if I cry enough Mum will give it to me. As her demand escalates, you lose control and end up yelling at her Instead The no-scream solution is to keep a power struggle from escalating, make a conscious effort to get out of fight mode. Rather than focusing on winning or losing this particular battle with your kid, try to work together to find a better solution. First, state your position simply ("We don't have cookies for breakfast"). Then offer some choices ("Would you like to have yogurt or cereal?"). This will make her feel like she has some control over the situation Part 1.... #newmumshub