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Mommas, do you also have a “velcro baby” Tag a mom-friend you know who can relate to @mind_body_soul_fit’s story She’s been my Velcro baby since birth. Actually she was 41 weeks and 1 day when I finally had her, so never wanted to leave in uterine either!! Seriously though, wherever I am, she is. She turns 5 in 2 days and I can still carry her around with ease like she’s a toddler. She wants to sleep with me every night and be on my lap every time I sit down. She wants to run every errands with me and she sits with me when I 💩 . . . All of that exhausted me before. Between managing the kids, the house, my marriage, full time RN and coach business it was too much to also always have someone on top of me. Her meltdowns pushes every button I had and being her mom was rough. Over the last month of me being a full time stay at home mom, I have enjoyed the cuddles more, received so much love and watched my girl start to find her way. Shes become more independent and allows me alone time now! Her meltdowns are shorter and she’s expressing her feelings so much better. This girl needed me home. . . . . Last year I realized that there isn’t a reason everything happens, but there is something good in everything that happens. You must learn to find the good. Losing my job was heartbreaking to me, but I have found so many blessings from it. Watching my Bugs blossom has been the best thing yet! If you still struggle mentally, emotionally and spiritually every time you hit a roadblock, it’s time to do some personal development to flip your mindset. Oh....and don’t forget that I’ll teach you that in my bootcamp! . . . . . #SonsAndDaughtersDay #realmomlife #momquotes #mommingit #mumlife #mumlife #momoffour #momofteens #fournager #funnymomquotes #momlife #thisismotherhood #motherhoodquotes #parenting101 #parentingmemes #parentingwin #parentingproblems #parenthood #parentinglife #parentproblems #parentingquotes #instaparenting #funnyparents