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@kidseqbox brings a valentine's intimacy box exclusively for couples. Wanna have some fun with your soulmate? Whether we have been married for an year or twenty, have kids or not, no relationship can avoid ups and downs, especially after having children it is the intimacy between parents which suffers the most. Bonding between parents affect the environment at home which is directly proportionate to a child's emotional wellbeing. Our latest EQ box is guaranteed to deepen the love and understanding between you & your partner. . . *You & I in this beautiful world.."* . . The box contains - . . *1. Anything for you* - A truth & dare game which would take your love to a new height. . *2. Bare your soul* - A question game to deepen the understanding between you and your partner. . *3. Dice Game* - A naughty game for those special nights. . *4. Winner on top* - A board game to spice things up in your mind and your heart. . *5. Romance planner* - Journal cards with questions and to create lists through which you can convey your feelings & desires and understand your partner's needs, whether physical or emotional. . *6. 30 days relationship challenge* - Simple challenges not needing any preparation but guaranteed to notch up your partnership. . *7. Bring it on* - A fun filled challenge based game for your game nights with friends. . This is the best valentine's gift you can get for yourself and your spouse and would make for a great bachelor/bachelorette or anniversary gift. . DM us for price & to avail the pre-launch offer. Quote credit - Image credit - Canva #parenting #parentingmemes #couplegoals #positiveparenting #gentleparenting #responsiveparenting #loveyourfamily